We take care to ensure to handled efficiently and professionally.

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Formerly known as Restoration-911

Located in the San Jose Bay Area, Vital Restoration provides affordable, efficient and reliable disaster restoration services such as water damage, fire damage, trauma scene cleanup, smoke damage restoration, air conditioning duct cleaning, mold and mildew removal, hazmat clean up for both commercial and residential projects. Our professional staff are armed with state of the art equipment to ensure that your property gets restored to its pre-disastrous state. Whether your business, rental or home has incurred damages, you can rest easy knowing that Vital Restoration has a reputation for excellence, and we place the highest quality of care and workmanship into all projects, large and small.

Our benefits and why choose Vital Restoration

We strive to offer our IICRC certified water damage repair services at reasonable rates and delivered within a critical emergency response time, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team is among the finest, most experienced, courteous, and knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Training and experience, coupled with ultra modern equipment is what ultimately allows us to deliver absolute reliability. The management staff has been in the restoration industry for a long time, caring for the homes and businesses of our customers in their time of need. We are not only dedicated to being the greatest service company available, but also making sure the costs are at least 20% below the industry standard. We want to be sure your troubles are not compounded after an unforeseen damage to your property by an inflated invoice. Although we may meet you for the first time on the worst day of your life, we will do whatever it takes to quickly turn a chaotic circumstance into a situation in which you have a plan in place to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. We understand that suffering a disaster is both traumatic and expensive for businesses and homeowners, and we take care to ensure that the cleanup process is handled efficiently and professionally, so that you can move on. All disaster cleanup specialists at Vital Restoration are trained to provide the easiest possible cleanup experience. The first step in the cleanup process is to perform an emergency evaluation. We´ll give you a free estimate to determine the extent of the damage, assess the necessary steps needed for restoration, and calculate the cost and time required.

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Common Cases of Damage


Fire Damage Restoration

The damage caused by a fire is emotionally draining as well as expensive to repair. Understanding that fire damage wreaks havoc on a building, Vital Restoration uses the latest technologies and the most specialized skills to remove smoke, soot and accompanying odors throughout the structure. Not only do our experts repair structural damage, they also photograph, document, clean and pack down any contents that may have been affected. When necessary, an ozoning treatment is also used to combat any stubborn odors that may linger after a fire. Fire Damage Restoration



Smoke Damage

Although smoke damage often accompanies fire damage, the effects of the smoke can often exceed the effects of the flames. In such instances, the Vital Restoration team will perform expert cleaning and odor removal techniques, including the use of air scrubbers with activated charcoal filters, in order to ensure complete and thorough odor elimination. If additional odor removal is required, we may also use an ozone process to aid in the damage restoration. Smoke Damage Restoration



Water Damage

If too much water saturates a property, it can result in the destruction of contents, as well as severe structural damage. To help home and property owners minimize the damage caused by water penetration, Vital Restoration responds quickly and aggressively. By providing fast response to the scene, we help mitigate the damage caused by water. The use of state-of-the-art equipment enables us to eliminate excess water on the property. We also employ other modern techniques to remove moisture from the premises as well as from all personal property. Water Damage Restoration



Trauma Scene Cleanup

This is one of the most common situations one comes across. Consider damage in your home, and it needs to be completely and quickly repaired, with the least possible problem caused to the surroundings. This kind of challenge is one, that Vital Restoration proudly deals with, and hence become, one of the leading companies which respond to these services.We are registered with the state of california dept of public health as a trauma scene management practitioner.



Mold Damage Restoration

Unlike plants, which get their energy from the sun, molds grow in dark, damp environments and are harmed by the sun´s ultraviolet rays. You will not experience mold growth unless you have a problem with moisture in your home. Excessive moisture can be caused by leaky buildings, flood damage or high levels of humidity. Most species of mold require that a surface be damp for at least 24 hours before the spores will begin to grow. Also, improper ventilation is another factor of mold growth. Mold Remediation



Hazardous Waste Removal

One of the most common occurrences of cleanup is the removal of asbestos. Asbestos was used heavily in the 1970s as both an insulating and fireproofing material in the construction of homes and offices. Though unknown at the time, airborne asbestos particles can cause lung cancer and other dire health issues. Given the grave dangers of hazardous waste, you should always contact Bay Area hazmat cleanup professionals to remove these potentially life-threatening materials.

Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Lisa B. – San Francisco
"I never got the chance to say "thank you" - So, "Thank you" all your employees that were sent to my house to clean up were very professional and nice people. You have a really nice staff. If anyone is in need of your services I will refer them to you"
Jerry G. – Danville
"I wanted to thank you for taking care of restoration needs of my own home. Going through my experience of having water damage is not fun, but your crew was top notch from the second they stepped into my home until they completed the project."

We've been delivering excellence for over the years!

Our technicians and disaster cleanup specialists arrive at the scene ready to assess the extent of your damage and help plan the next steps to minimize danger and get the situation under control quickly. We do everything necessary to get your home or business back to normal, from clearing out smoke and soot, cleaning surfaces, and replacing areas of the structure after a fire or performing a thorough mold remediation, we´ve got what it takes to handle every kind of situation.

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We take care to ensure to handled efficiently and professionally.


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